Real-Time Holographic Solution for True 3D-Display

As part of our participation at Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg, we presented and discussed a research paper about our software solutions and their different applications.

Real-Time Holographic Solution for True 3D-Display

Abstract— Holographic display technology has a been a topic of intense academic research for some time but has only recently seen significant commercial interest. The uptake has been hindered by the complexity of computation and sheer volume of the resulting holographic data meaning it takes up to several seconds minutes to compute even a single frame of holographic video, rendering it largely useless for anything but static displays. These issues have slowed the development of true holographic displays. In response, several easier to achieve, yet incomplete 3D-like technologies have arisen to fill the gap in the market. These alternatives, such as 3D glasses, head-mounted-displays or concert projections are partial solutions to the 3D problem, but are intrinsically limited in the content they can display and the level of realism they can achieve.

Here we present VividQ's Holographic Solutions, a software package containing a set of proprietary state-of-the- art algorithms that compute holograms in milliseconds on standard computing hardware. This allows three-dimensional holographic images to be generated in real-time. Now users can view and interact with moving holograms, have holographic video calls and play fully immersive holographic- mixed reality games. VividQ's Solutions are a vital component for Industry 4.0, enabling IOT with 3D holographic imaging. The software architecture is built around interoperability with leading head-mounted-display and head-up-display manufacturers as well as universal APIs for CAD, 3D gaming engines and Windows based engineering software. In this way, VividQ software will become the new benchmark in 3D enhanced worker/system interaction with unrivalled 3D imaging, representation and interactivity.

Keywords— Digital Holography, GPU, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Optical Systems, Display Technology

VividQ Research and Development Division: A. Kaczorowski, S.J. Senanayake, R. Pechhacker, T. Durrant, M. Kaminski and D. F. Milne

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