3D data processing

VividQ creates new value for the increasing volume of 3D content

This includes thousands of 3D games created with leading gaming engines, and terabytes of data captured from the environment with 3D scanners and depth-sensing cameras. Thanks to our software modules, all this currently available 3D content can be more efficiently stored and transmitted, and generated into real 3D holograms on the spot. As a result, the next generation of holographic mixed reality displays can take advantage of billions of assets that have already been created, with no need for extensive applications development process

Depth-sensing cameras


pmd is the leading supplier for 3D image sensors, including CamBoard pico flexx - state-of-the-art depth-sensing camera, which can be used with mobile devices. Thanks to compatibility with flexx, VividQ makes it possible for holograms to be created directly from the smartphone scans of the real-world.

Depth-sensing cameras


Stereolabs ZED is a new generation depth-sensing camera that senses space and motion. ZED is an example of a 3D content source that allows VividQ to generate 3D holograms in real-time from data captured in the environment.

Game engines


Unity is the biggest gaming engine for 3D content, used by over 770m gamers all over the world monthly. VividQ can generate full 3D holograms from all Unity assets. On top of that, by feeding data from the Unity game engine onto the holographic displays in real time, we developed the first ever holographic video game. The interaction with holograms using a keyboard or a gamepad creates a truly immersive mixed reality experience.

Game engines

Virtual Arts

Virtual Arts is a UK-based company developing a content engine for games, animations and interactive experiences tailored for VR and AR. By engaging in a collaborative development project with VA, VividQ ensures that the latest XR content is readily compatible with holographic displays.



As the leading supplier of 3D CAD product design engineering software, SolidWorks processes terabytes of 3D data daily. The great potential of VividQ solutions to improve the efficiency of CAD data transmission has been recently recognised. In December 2017, VividQ became an official member of the SolidWorks Partner Product Program to integrate our solutions into the SolidWorks systems.

Software for full-3D holography

VividQ™ is a software solution for generating and transmitting holographic data for display purposes. Holographic displays powered by VividQ enable a natural vision experience.

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