VividQ’s demo presented at the University of Cambridge’s Intellectual Forum

The Intellectual Forum organised by Jesus College, University of Cambridge, hosted a talk by Tim Wilkinson last week.

During the sold-out seminar on Holographic Projections, Tim (Professor of Photonic Engineering at Cambridge and VividQ’s Advisory Board Member) explained the true meaning of the word “hologram” and its mis-use throughout today’s display industry. The talk covered the underlying principles behind the generation of true holographic projections and highlighted how VividQ solved the main computational problem, which hindered commercial applications of holography for display purposes.

Before and after the talk, VividQ were invited to present the capabilities of our software solution with the first true 3D holographic headset. The headset projected three colourful holographic aliens at different depth planes, allowing everyone to grasp fully the concept of natural depth perception and focal shift. The demonstration generated a lot of interest amongst the talk’s audience, including Cambridge’s students and academics, and representatives of local technology companies. We are looking forward to organising private follow-up demonstrations with a range of holography enthusiasts.

Thank you to the Intellectual Forum for hosting us and congratulations to Tim on the fascinating talk! The recording of the seminar is available here.

Software for full-3D holography

VividQ™ is a software solution for generating and transmitting holographic data for display purposes. Holographic displays powered by VividQ enable a natural vision experience.

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