VividQ joins the TechHub community and meets the start-up guru

TechHub is known as a global community for tech entrepreneurs and startups, with a far-reaching network in the US and Europe. With a presence of similarly minded startups, a plethora of exciting events, and numerous opportunities for growth, VividQ is excited to become a TechHub member.

Eric Ries Returns to TechHub

One of TechHub’s latest events, which took place in the London offices, was a visit from a startup expert, two-time author, and no apologies advice-giver Eric Ries. This was Eric’s second appearance; he returned to showcase his latest book, The Startup Way. Since the global success of The Lean Startup, which explains how entrepreneurial startups can run more efficiently, companies from all around the world look towards Eric for advice on their product and business development.

VividQ Gets Coached By the Expert

The night included a book signing, discussion of Eric’s many experiences working with companies internationally, and the main event: the live coaching. VividQ was chosen by Eric as one of four most interesting business ideas, to take part in a coaching session. Alongside VividQ, contestants included Encore, a musician booking app, ID5, a centralised ID synchronisation service, and YourGrapeVine, an app for travel advice.

Eric is well known for not holding back his opinions or putting it lightly, and that he did. Darran and Aleksandra did their best to explain in the most coherent way how diffractive holograms work and how far (or close) we are from the Star Wars reality. After many top-notch comments and follow ups from the team, it was exciting to hear Eric say that VividQ can indeed be the ones to “catalyze on augmented reality [and] make an actual commercially viable product.”

Following the experience, Darran had many positive things to say about the experience: “It was great getting the chance to present VividQ to Eric and get his take. I am pleased because he provided some helpful insight and definitely seemed to appreciate the concept.”

We greatly benefited from this experience and look forward to what the TechHub experience brings in the future.

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VividQ™ is a software solution for generating and transmitting holographic data for display purposes. Holographic displays powered by VividQ enable a natural vision experience.

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