VividQ @ Embedded World

This week we joined Embedded World - the leading international fair for embedded systems, attracting the biggest technology names in the industry.

The trade fair in Nuremberg enables visitors to experience the whole world of embedded systems and to meet more than 1,000 exhibitors from 42 different countires. Leading chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Xilinx and ARM present their market-leading solutions, alongside consumer display providers like Fujistu. VividQ exhibited alongside them for the first time this year.

The conference hosted talks across multiple streams, ranging from software security to FPGA design to IOT infrastructure. Based on the abstract of our technology White Paper, VividQ has been chosen as one of the most innovative SMEs to present within the “Embedded GUI and Augmented Reality” stream. This gave us the opportunity to publish a paper on our breakthrough software solutions, which was presented at the conference by our CEO, Dr. Darran Milne.

Follow the link to access the paper: DOWNLOAD

The paper, entitled Real Time Holographic Solution for True 3D-Display, presents VividQ's software solutions and their different applications. The talk focused largely on describing the physical basis behind holography as well as the need for a standardised workflow for the generation and display of holographic images. We also highlighted the advantages and scalability of a simple optical systems using complex software (like VividQ’s solution) versus complex hardware with relatively simple software (like all other mixed reality solutions currently developed in the market). Many interesting questions came out from the audience after the talk, including the discussion of advantages of VividQ-powered systems over solutions based on stacked waveguides like MagicLeap.

VividQ's exhibition space at the Embedded World was managed by our Head of Development, Dr Roman Pechhacker. It gave us a great chance to pitch about the advantages of holography to the great number of trade fair' visitors, especially FPGA and ASIC companies. We are looking forward to further discussions about how embedded software and hardware can make our solutions faster and lower power while making application devices smaller and more portable.

Software for full-3D holography

VividQ™ is a software solution for generating and transmitting holographic data for display purposes. Holographic displays powered by VividQ enable a natural vision experience.

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