VividQ exhibits at the Innovation Zone during Display Week 2019

The Society for Information Display held their annual main event, Display Week, at the San Jose Convention Centre in May.

Display companies from all around the globe introduced their newest innovations, with the Innovation Zone inviting top emerging display technology start-ups. VividQ took the opportunity to connect with a host of partners, as well as exhibit our very own demo system.

This year was also the first for VividQ to compete with emerging display technologies of the world at the conference. Throughout the 2 days, judges of the I-Zone evaluated concept designes and assessed the “Best Prototype”. A large number of booth visitors had the opportunity to experience VividQ’s demo system, whilst appreciating the natural depth of focus achievable with our software framework for real-time Computer Generated Holography.

Software for full-3D holography

VividQ™ is a software solution for generating and transmitting holographic data for display purposes. Holographic displays powered by VividQ enable a natural vision experience.

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