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"These Aren't The Holograms You're Looking For". Check out Part 1 of our Truth About Holography series at… #Holography #AugmentedReality #MixedReality #XR

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First Medium article out now! Go follow us for all things XR and Holography.

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The world’s first holographic #MR headset has landed in Lisbon. Come to #Websummit booth G107 to try it out! #augmentedreality #websummit2018

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We're ready #AWE2018! Come along to @vividqltd table S19 to check out the first (ever!) fully holographic mixed reality headset powered by our software framework. #mixedreality #holography #release

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Software for full-3D holography

VividQ™ is a software solution for generating and transmitting holographic data for display purposes. Holographic displays powered by VividQ enable a natural vision experience.

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