Firmware Engineer

Full time Cambridge

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We are looking to recruit and experienced Firmware Engineer with strong embedded programming and practical skills to work on an exciting new project.


  • Capture requirements of an embedded system and translate to schematics & BoM
  • Design implement and debug software / firmware of embedded devices

  • Review code / hardware designs
  • Analyze and optimise the performance of designs
  • Create prototype hardware as well as contributing to end-user products
  • Work with a multi-disciplinary team


Desired skills

  • Can write device drivers / firmware / bootloaders
  • C/C++ using IAR / Keil / similar
  • Experience with GIT / SVN or similar Version Control
  • RTOS development - FreeRTOS / VxWorks / Neutrino / Integrity / RTLinux / RTAI
  • High-speed data capture and processing (eg HDMI protocol). Must be at Ghz speed, not MHz.
  • Good hands-on skills
  • Can comfortably read schematics and component data sheets
  • Circuit design / PCB layout - Altium / Eagle etc.
  • Soldering


Also useful

  • Some exposure to C++ or similar / OO / Software Engineering
  • Agile-aware
  • Exposure to safety-critical systems (eg medical, airline)
  • Experience with optics

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