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About VividQ

VividQ is a deep tech software company with world-leading expertise in 3D holography, founded in 2017 in Cambridge (UK). The company offers its patented software to enable mass adoption of holographic display in AR/VR headsets, smartglasses, automotive head-up displays, and consumer electronics.

Technical co-founders of VividQ include engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists from the University of Cambridge, Oxford, and St Andrews. Collaboratively, they solved the biggest problem preventing commercial applications of holographic display in the past - the computational hurdle.

With seed funding, VividQ has grown its Commercial and Technical teams in Cambridge and London, made a full release of the software framework, and established the holographic display ecosystem through partnerships with chipmakers, display and hardware manufacturers in the US, Taiwan and Europe.

In March 2019, VividQ announced Suir Valley Ventures as the lead of their £3m investment round (yet to be completed). The news was shared by The Times and Business Weekly amongst others.

Our entrepreunarial network

  • VividQ’s Management Team operates from London, as a part of the rich entrepreneurial network of Tech
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With technical co-founders leading their team out of Cambridge, VividQ has benefited from the rich research environment of the University and its Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics. VividQ’s Commercial Team operates from London, as part of the rich entrepreneurial network of TechHub and Innovation Warehouse. The company has achieved wide recognition at international industry events including AWE, nVidia GTC, Photonics West, and Mobile World Congress.

VividQ was recognised as the key innovator in a volumetric sector worth £2bn by Markets&Markets, the leading example of Holographic Imaging Solutions by Menalto Advisors, on Tech London Advocates Createch 100 list, and amongst the TOP100 “most hyped” start-ups at Web Summit 2017.

In March 2019, VividQ joined the Spring Cohort of the London&Partners Business Growth Programme supported by the Mayor of London.

Our presence in the community

  • The company has been a supporter of the VR&AR World (the principal annual meeting place in Europe fo
  • We showcased our software solutions at Augmented World Europe 2017 in Munich.
  • VividQ was invited to join the Eureka Park at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas – the

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