The world’s first software framework for real-time holographic 3D display

Powering the future

Diffractive holography is the only imaging technique that enables projection of objects indistinguishable from the original, by preserving the full sense of depth and 3D-ness. At VividQ, we develop world-leading software solutions for diffractive holography and 3D pointcloud data processing. VividQ's revolutionary digital light shaping technology makes 3D holographic screens a viable commercial display solution, by generating multiple-depth holographic images on standard computing power.

Holographic displays powered by VividQ can offer the most immersive, full-depth 3D experience without the need for glasses or optical tricks. Alongside our partners, developing cutting-edge hardware and generating 3D content, we make a sci-fi dream a reality.

VividQ Software Framework

VividQ uses technology based on precision engineering of light fields and has developed a suite of state-of-the-art algorithms that enable the generation, compression, and transmission of 3D holographic images and video. VividQ-enabled holographic projections possess all the depth cues and effects expected by the human visual system.

Working together with industry leaders

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End applications

VividQ powers the next generation holographic devices, adding a new dimension to consumer and industrial applications of immersive technologies.
  • Consumer electronics
  • Mixed Reality Headsets
  • Head-Up Displays
  • Immersive simulation environments
  • Embedded systems
  • Games engines
  • CADs
  • LIDAR scanners
  • Depth-sensing cameras

Software implementation

VividQ SDK is used by world-leading hardware manufacturers to implement real-time holographic display capabilities into their systems.

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