The first complete software framework for holographic 3D display and point cloud processing

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The ultimate solution for 3D visualisation and mixed reality

VividQ’s revolutionary digital light shaping technologies make diffractive holography a viable commercial display solution. Holographic displays powered by VividQ can offer the most immersive, full-depth 3D experience without the need for glasses or optical tricks.

VividQ Product Suite

VividQ offers a complete, end-to-end software solution comprising of 4 software modules. It includes the leading 3D data compression tool, and the world’s fastest 3D hologram generator enabling truly holographic mixed reality with multiple depth planes.
  • “VividQ is going to completely revolutionise the way we think about computing and display”

    Phil Green

    CFO at Deliveroo
  • “VividQ created a commercially viable product which defines and catalyses Mixed Reality applications”

    Eric Ries

    Lean Startup methodology founder
  • “The ability to create virtual screens and information holograms is a future of computing”
  • “The possibilities for portable holograms are appealing for a wide range of industries”

Working together with world-leading organisations

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Consumer and industrial applications

We engage with multiple partners to improve storage, processing and visualisation of the increasing volume of 3D pointcloud content. Through engagements with hardware and embedded systems manufacturers, VividQ powers the next generation of mixed reality holographic displays for consumer and industrial devices.
  • Holographic smartphones
  • Games engines
  • Sensory technologies
  • Interactive servicing
  • Training and flight simulations
  • Safety & quality assurance
  • CAD
  • Depth-sensing cameras
  • Mixed reality
  • GPS and navigation systems

How to implement VividQ?

VividQ solutions can be easily implemented into currently available systems for 3D pointcloud data storage and transmission, and used in the development process of various designs of holographic displays for both consumer and industrial applications.


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