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The ultimate solution for 3D visualisation and mixed reality

Over 5 billion games created in game engines such as Unity are downloaded every quarter. 3D scanners and depth-sensing cameras produce terabytes of 3D data every day. Product design CADs have over 2 million users around the world.

These platforms and devices generate visual 3D data, used across all industries and increasingly in everyday life. Currently available 3D data processing and display technologies are inherently limited as they cannot fully recreate visually complete 3D images. Instead, 3D data is flattened and stripped of its crucial, depth information for distribution and viewing - on flat or stereoscopic displays. This needs to change.

VividQ is the ultimate solution for 3D visualisation, enabling 3D data to be captured, stored, transmitted and displayed as genuine 3D holograms, in real time.

  • “VividQ is going to completely revolutionise the way we think about computing and display”

    Phil Green

    CFO at Deliveroo
  • “VividQ created a commercially viable product which defines and catalyses Mixed Reality applications”

    Eric Ries

    Lean Startup methodology founder
  • “The ability to create virtual screens and information holograms is a future of computing”
  • “The possibilities for portable holograms are appealing for a wide range of industries”

Working together with world-leading organisations

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Consumer and industrial applications

We engage with multiple customers and partners to unlock the potential of the increasing volume of 3D content for gaming and professional applications. Through engagements with hardware manufacturers, VividQ powers the next generation of mixed reality holographic displays for consumer and industrial devices.
  • Holographic smartphones
  • Games engines
  • Sensory technologies
  • Interactive servicing
  • Training and flight simulations
  • Safety & quality assurance
  • CAD
  • Depth-sensing cameras
  • Mixed reality
  • GPS and navigation systems
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